A little about us: We are Mogens (47) and Majbritt (43). We are resident on a disused farm just north of Horsens.

We have had abyssinians since 2005, then we were lucky enough to be allowed to take over Delia from Helle Lauridsen (Katteri Kibutata). Delia have had the kittens she was supposed to, and and needed a new permanent home. It was actually a coincidence that she ended up here when Majbritt was a colleague of Helle's husband Henrik.

We had 2 wonderful years with this beautiful black silver girl, but since we were no wiser, she was allowed to run freely with our domestic cats. However, we regretted this bitterly when, unfortunately, she was run over.
So today we have a large fenced in yard for our cats, with everything a cat can want from climbing trees, tall grass, water and more.

We very quickly missed her bubbly personality so unlike the domestic cats. As a result, we started looking for a new aby, and preferably one we could get a single litter on. The hunt went on to find a small black silver female kitten. It wasn't easy, but after some time we found an ad from Annie Orthmann. Soon after, we took a trip to Maarslet near Aarhus to see the kittens.

In the big litter of 6, there were 2 girls who was to our taste. But we had to  wait to see which kitten was left for us. The choice fell on Orthmann's Unni, her personality went straight into our hearts. But she came up with a little extra, namely her grandmother Van Grebst Lotus Laebekys (Tusse), the most beautiful ruddy female who adopted Mogens at first sight. As only an aby can.

We got our first litter in 2009 and then unfortunately we had to take a break with breeding since Majbritt was seriously injured her back.

When time became different, we started again 2014 with our breeding and are very much looking forward to trying to breed the "perfect" black silver abyssinians with a super temperament.